The Rising Tide of Corporate Tax Reform Will Lift All Boats?

Four recent examples highlight the disparate impact tax reform can have on fixed income investors.

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Two Reasons Why Investors Should Stop Worrying about Credit Spread Narrowing

Historically, Treasury curve flattening in a Fed tightening cycle is associated with a rally in credit spreads, up to a level of flatness.

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High Yield Volatility: Opportunity to Buy or a Symptom of Broader Risk?

Analyzing the source of recent volatility can help investors determine if recent spread widening is a symptom of broader systemic risk...

VIX: How low can it go (and why should investors care)?

August 17, 2017

Eight years into the slow and steady recovery of the economy and markets, complacency has hit record highs. As the era of complacency continues, we take a closer look at how investors are positioned and why it makes sense to add a little protection to your portfolio before volatility returns.

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LIBOR in Limbo?

August 10, 2017

Recent announcements from the U.K.’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) have quickly turned into reports declaring the death of LIBOR. As speculation continues to mount, our latest analysis provides investors with a framework to help understand the implications for senior loan and CLO markets.

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Anatomy of a Credit Market Sell Off

June 14, 2017

Historical evidence shows that in order for the overall credit index to widen meaningfully, a large industry needs to experience outsized problems or a handful of industries need to collectively weaken.

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