Sell in May and… Stay tuned

Michael Pytosh

Michael Pytosh

Chief Investment Officer, Equities

Vincent Costa

Vincent Costa, CFA

Head of Global Quantitative Equities

With volatility returning to equity markets, the common refrain, “sell in May, go away” might seem rather tempting. Indeed, today’s market is anything but certain, and one that investors will need to pay close attention to in the coming months. One key dynamic that we remain particularly concerned about is the expanding momentum rally as a growing risk factor among large growth stocks. As we have noted recently, not only are such reversals a common feature of momentum rallies, they can be brutal, especially for the passive investor who suddenly discovers just how much exposure they have to momentum factors.

As Figure 1 shows, exposure to momentum in the primary growth benchmark has significantly increased in the last two years, recently approaching levels not seen since the Tech Bubble of late 1990’s. And as the chart also shows, those peaks are often followed by a sudden shift to the downside.

Figure 1. Risk Contribution of Momentum to the Russell 1000 Growth Index
Figure 1. Risk Contribution of Momentum to the Russell 1000 Growth Index

Source: FactSet, Russell Investments

An Endless or a Cruel Summer?

Momentum has actually proven to be a safe-haven during recent, albeit acute bouts of volatility (see our blog post “Fourth-Quarter Small Cap Selloff: Teflon Momentum (aka Schadenfreude delayed)”. However, just like we saw when momentum reached such high levels in the past, we’ve seen momentum start to underperform in 2019.  The question is, will this just be another momentum speed bump or something more persistent? Regardless of the short-term environment, we continue to believe that over-exposure to momentum factors, especially passively, can have a damaging effect on portfolio returns over the long term.

The Path Forward

While the old adage “sell in May, go away” may seem tempting given the recent market turmoil, trying to time the market has proven to be a fool’s errand. Yet, risk-taking at this stage of the cycle needs to be intentional and more precise than ever. This is especially true in equities. In our view, with so much uncertainty in the market it is prudent to sit on the momentum sideline and stick with high quality companies that have attractive relative valuations.

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