Investment Outlook

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Markets Optimistic about the Future as Economic Pain Deepens

May 26, 2020

We are still overweight U.S. large caps, believing winners will win until a broad-based economic recovery takes hold. Our preference for investment grade U.S. bonds remains; also, we now see opportunities among high yield bonds.

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Negative Rates: We (Still) Do Not Want or Need Them

May 21, 2020

Europe continues to be the poster child for understanding why central banks should avoid negative rates as a policy tool.

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The End of One Cycle Marks the Beginning of Another

April 28, 2020

Recent market dislocation has created an opportunity to reposition portfolios to capitalize on the new business cycle.

All Eyes on the Consumer

May 11, 2020

While there are many parallels to draw between the current crisis and 2008, the fundamental economic backdrop that preceded COVID-19 was starkly different than the economic environment that preceded the 2008 crisis.

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