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Voya Multi-Strategy Fixed Income SMA


A multi-strategy fixed income style combining Voya intermediate-maturity fixed income SMA, with an embedded mutual fund Voya Investment Grade Credit. Voya Investment Management may invest up to 40% of a client’s assets in the embedded Voya Investment Grade Credit Mutual Fund.


Seeks to provide total return via a multi-sector approach utilizing both cash bonds (U.S. Treasuries and Investment Grade Corporates) and up to 40% in the Voya Investment Grade Credit Fund for further diversification in the portfolio’s corporate credit exposure. Performance drivers of our investment grade fixed income portfolio are our sector allocation and security selection along with positioning for rate trends.

Investment Process

Top-down investment process begins with economic and market analysis, evaluates major interest rate trends and modifies account duration accordingly:

  • Individual bond allocation is typically 60% or more
  • Up to 40% allocation of assets to Voya Investment Grade Credit no-cost, no-load mutual fund
  • Voya Investment Grade Credit Fund seeks to more fully exploit security selection (bottom-up) skills in investment grade corporates
  • May sell securities to secure gains, limit losses or redeploy assets into opportunities perceived as better

*There is no guarantee that this objective will be achieved.

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