Voya and Allianz Global Investors: A Strategic Partnership

Voya and Allianz Global Investors: A Strategic Partnership

Voya and Allianz Global Investors: A Strategic Partnership

Voya Investment Management (Voya IM) has partnered with Allianz Global Investors (AllianzGI) to deliver a broader range of investment capabilities to more investors worldwide.




Expanded Global Presence


AllianzGI will distribute Voya IM’s investment strategies through its network of more than 500 relationship managers in 19 locations across Europe and Asia Pacific, broadening our ability to serve the needs of investors globally.

Increased Scale
and Breadth


Adding international and retail clients from AllianzGI strengthens and diversifies Voya IM's assets, growing our AUM by nearly 40% to $330 billion on a pro forma basis as of 06/30/2022.1



Christine Hurtsellers Headshot


"We are excited to welcome the talented teams of AGI U.S. to Voya IM. The new capabilities they bring, along with our strategic distribution partnership with Allianz Global Investors, will provide opportunities to serve the needs of an even larger, more global client base."

- Christine Hurtsellers, Chief Executive Officer, Voya Investment Management 


Expanded Global Presence

Voya IM strategies will be distributed internationally through AllianzGI, one of the world’s leading active asset managers, with 19 locations across Europe and Asia Pacific.  




Enhanced Capabilities

Voya IM has integrated several highly skilled investment teams from AllianzGI U.S., complementing our existing team in terms of cultural fit, investment philosophy and dedication to client needs. A partial list of capabilities is shown below. Additionally, Voya will offer strategies from Allianz Capital Partners and other private markets capabilities to certain U.S. clients.

Income and Growth

San Diego, CA


  • U.S. convertibles 
  • U.S. high yield 
  • U.S. bank loans 
  • U.S. dividend equities 
  • Emerging market bonds 


San Francisco, CA


  • Artificial intelligence
  • Global technology
  • Biotechnology, health science
  • Natural resources
  • Rising disruptors
  • Large/mid/small cap growth

Private Placements

Westport, CT


  • U.S. investment grade private placement debt

Private Markets and Real Assets

via AllianzGI

  • Global infrastructure equity and debt
  • Global private equity
  • U.S., Europe and Asia private credit
  • Renewables
  • European corporate loans
  • Global multi-manager private debt


Increased Scale and Breadth

As a result of the transaction, Voya IM’s AUM increases by $93 billion to $330 billion as of 6/30/2022.1


AUM Donuts



1 As of 06/30/2022. Reflects pro forma assets of Voya Investment Management and select strategies of Allianz Global Investors U.S. integrated as of 07/25/22. Voya Investment Management external client assets are reported on a market value basis. General account assets of approximately $39 billion are reported on a statutory book value billing basis consistent with revenues earned.