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Daily Global Perspectives

Investing is as simple as A, B, C

August 4, 2022

The incessant fire hose of macro data is confusing professional and retail investors alike. That is why we advocate to instead to focus on the microeconomic, bottom-up factors, or more simply, the fundamentals.

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The GDP surprise

July 28, 2022

Real GDP came in at 0.9% yesterday, surprising consensus estimates which hovered in the low positive single digits. Among the biggest contributing factors were decreases in manufacturing inventories, private investment and government purchases.

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The Federal Reserve reigns in speculation

June 23, 2022

Remember way back when owning FAANGs was a badge of honor? Yes, a mere six months ago. Now FAANGs are a source of scorn. What happened? The Fed made an aggressive policy U-turn, raising interest rates and withdrawing liquidity from the economy and markets.

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The Fed’s U-turn kicks into high gear

June 21, 2022

The erstwhile, extraordinary bull market advanced on a tailwind of low, short-term interest rates and massive Federal Reserve purchases of longer-maturity debt securities intended to stabilize long-term rates, referred to as “quantitative easing.”

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