Tap into the Power of Consistency

Tap into the Power of Consistency

Tap Into the Power of Consistency

For retired investors and investors approaching retirement, the impact of large investment losses is particularly devastating. Voya developed the methodology to help advisors better understand the sources of downside risk in their overall book of business. Our method of evaluating investments can mean better retirement outcomes for clients and a differentiated way to enhance your value proposition.

Putting Our Methodology to Work

In today’s regulatory environment, it is important to find new ways to strengthen your fund selection process and integrate it into your practice. Staying ahead of industry changes, instead of reacting to them, can put you in a position to offer better solutions to your clients.

Voya Investment Management is continually seeking ways to help advisors develop deeper relationships with clients. Our methodology is designed to complement your existing approach to constructing effective retirement investment strategies for clients and we believe, can be used to strengthen your due diligence process in three ways:

Tap Into the Power

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