Voya Investment Management as a special needs investment partner
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Voya Investment Management as a special needs investment partner

With an investment approach consistent with the long-term goals of providing for a lifetime of care, Voya can help you demonstrate your value to those who may need it most.

Hand shakeA partner you can trust – Working with a financial services partner who is committed to this community and has demonstrated ethical behavior can help build trust

personResources that add value – By maximizing available government and employer benefits, and having a holistic plan special needs clients could potentially have more available income and assets to invest

check markPreservation of capital – For many in the disabilities community, every dollar is important for providing care and maintaining quality of life

vehicleChoosing the right vehicles – Mutual funds, ETFs and SMAs are three potential tools that can be used to implement a diversified investment approach

Voya Cares® and You

Voya is committed to making sure you have the tools you need to help all of your clients, including those living with disabilities or special needs and their caregivers, have the quality of life they seek. Voya Cares is a result of that commitment—a resource based on the best practices of advisors who serve the special needs market.

Voya wants you to feel confident to expand your practice into this overlooked area and bring enduring, long-lasting value to the special needs community.

Learn more at VoyaCares.com.



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