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Voya Enhanced Yield Fixed Income SMA


A total return strategy that uses a multi-sector approach with a higher quality posture through the use of Treasury, Agency, and Corporate Credit securities, both Investment Grade and Below, with 1-10 year maturities.


Seeks to generate more income than pure investment grade, while preserving principle, by adding selective high yield bond exposure:

  • Greater performance than pure investment grade portfolios
  • Lower performance volatility than pure high yield portfolios

Investment Process

Our three-step process leverages the collective insights from across Voya’s Fixed Income platform, incorporating both top-down and bottom-up research insights. First, our asset allocation committee deliberates and prioritizes investment themes impacting fixed income markets, and offers unencumbered views regarding sectors and overall risk posturing. Next, the Head of Global Rates & Macro, the Head of Fixed Income Research, and the Head of Multi-Sector Portfolio Management then build a model portfolio, incorporating client guidelines and objectives. Finally, individual sector teams are then responsible for identifying and trading specific bonds.

*There is no guarantee that this objective will be achieved.

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