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Article: Stepping Off the Inflation Hamster Wheel
Market Outlook

Stepping Off the Inflation Hamster Wheel

Don’t get caught up in the month-to-month inflation watch—bonds are well positioned across a range of different economics.

November 27, 2023
Article: Survey of the Retirement Landscape: Plan Sponsor Perceptions
Article: A Guide to Mortgage-Related Assets

A Guide to Mortgage-Related Assets

November 14, 2023

Featured Webinar

3Q23 Pomona Investment Fund

  |  60 minutes

Private equity has traditionally been dominated by large institutions, but is gaining ground in individual investor portfolios, helped by a growing secondary market that has made allocating to private equity easier. We believe the Pomona Investment Fund provides a differentiated strategy well-positioned for today's challenges.

Join Fran Janis, Senior Partner and Portfolio Manager, and Adam Konopolsky, Vice President, Valuation and Reporting, as they discuss:

- Pomona Investment Fund's third quarter 2023 performance
- Recent deals and overall portfolio composition
- Liquidity Management in an Evergreen Fund

January 2024 Subscription Deadlines

  • 12/15/23: Deadline for receipt of check
  • 12/20/23: Custody platform deadline for receipt of subscription document
  • 12/22/23: Deadline for receipt of subscription document
  • 12/27/23: Deadline for receipt of wire or check to clear
  • 1/2/24: PIF Admission Date


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Excess capital yield: A better framework for value investing

June 13, 2023
After a decade of lagging growth stocks, value investing is seeing a resurgence. But as traditional value metrics used for 100 years have struggled to remain relevant, we recognize that successful value investors must evolve with the changing market environment. It’s time to reassess how to take advantage of this opportunity through a new lens. Introducing excess capital yield (ECY).
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