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Voya Multi-Manager Mid Cap Value Fund - Class I

Class I: IMCVX
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Voya Multi-Manager Mid Cap Value Fund

A disciplined approach to discovering long-term value opportunities among U.S. and non-U.S. mid-cap companies.

About this Product

  • The Fund normally invests at least 80% of its net assets in common stocks of mid-capitalization companies that fall within the collective range of companies within the Russell Midcap® Index and the S&P MidCap 400 Index
  • The Fund focuses on securities that the sub-advisers believe are undervalued in the marketplace
  • The Fund expects to invest primarily in securities of U.S.-based companies, but may also invest in securities of non-U.S. companies, including companies located in countries with emerging securities markets
  • The Fund may also invest up to 20% of its net assets in real estate investment trusts (“REITs”)
  • Hahn Capital Management, LLC, LSV Asset Management and Voya Investment Management Co., LLC provide the day-to-day management of the Fund and utilize their own respective methodologies when selecting investments

Investment Objective

The Fund seeks long-term capital appreciation.

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Average Annual Total Returns %

As of February 28, 2023

As of December 31, 2022

Most Recent Month EndMost Recent Quarter EndMost Recent Month EndMost Recent Quarter End
Most Recent Month EndYTD1 YR3 YR5 YR10 YRExpense Ratios
Net Asset Value+4.57-1.25+12.25+6.33+9.010.79%0.78%
With Sales Charge+4.57-1.25+12.25+6.33+9.01
Net Asset Value-11.37-11.37+5.60+5.02+9.270.79%0.78%
With Sales Charge-11.37-11.37+5.60+5.02+9.27
Russell Midcap Value Index+4.62-3.42+11.96+7.27+9.62
Russell Midcap Value Index-12.03-12.03+5.82+5.72+10.11

Inception Date - Class I:October 3, 2011

Current Maximum Sales Charge: 0.00%

The performance quoted represents past performance and does not guarantee future results. Current performance may be lower or higher than the performance information shown. The investment return and principal value of an investment in the Portfolio will fluctuate, so that your shares, when redeemed, may be worth more or less than their original cost. See above "Average Annual Total Returns %" for performance information current to the most recent month-end.

Returns-Based Characteristics

As of February 28, 2023

3 Year5 Year10 Year
Standard Deviation
Standard Deviation:

A measure of the degree to which an individual probability value varies from the distribution mean. The higher the number, the greater the risk.


The sensitivity of a portfolio's returns to changes in the return of the market as measured by the index or benchmark that represents the market. A portfolio with a beta of 1.0 behaves exactly like the index. A beta less than 1.0 suggests lower risk than the index, while a beta greater than 1.0 indicates a risk level higher than the index.

The proportion of the variation in a portfolio's returns that can be explained by the variability of the returns of an index. High R-squared (close to 1.0) is usually consistent with broad diversification.


A measure of risk-adjusted performance; alpha reflects the difference between a portfolio's actual return and the return that could be expected give its risk as measured by beta.

Sharpe Ratio
Sharpe Ratio:

A risk-adjusted measure calculated using standard deviation and excess return to determine reward per unit of risk. The higher the Sharpe ratio, the better the portfolio's historical risk-adjusted performance.

Information Ratio
Information Ratio:

The ratio of portfolio returns in excess of a market index to the variability of those excess returns; in effect, information ratio describes the value added by active management in relation to the risk taken to achieve those returns.


Growth of a $10,000 Investment

For the period 03/31/2013 through 02/28/2023

Ending Value: $23,701.00

The performance quoted in the "Growth of a $10,000 Investment" chart represents past performance. Performance shown is without sales charges; had sales charges been deducted, performance would have been less. Ending value includes reinvestment of distributions.

Investment Team

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Portfolio Management Team

Voya Investments, LLC

Investment Adviser

Voya Investments, an Arizona limited liability company, serves as the investment adviser to the Fund. Voya Investments has overall responsibility for the management of the Fund. Voya Investments oversees all investment advisory and portfolio management services and assists in managing and supervising all aspects of the general day-to-day business activities and operations of the Fund, including custodial, transfer agency, dividend disbursing, accounting, auditing, compliance and related services. Voya Investments is registered with the SEC as an investment adviser. Voya Investments' principal office is located at 7337 East Doubletree Ranch Road, Suite 100, Scottsdale, Arizona 85258.

Voya Investment Management Co. LLC

Investment Sub-Adviser

Voya Investment Management Co. LLC (“Voya IM” or “Sub-Adviser”), a Delaware limited liability company, was founded in 1972 and is registered with the SEC as an investment adviser. Voya IM is an indirect, wholly-owned subsidiary of Voya Financial, Inc. and is an affiliate of the Adviser. Voya IM has acted as adviser or sub-adviser to mutual funds since 1994 and has managed institutional accounts since 1972. The principal office of Voya IM is located at 230 Park Avenue, New York, New York 10169.

LSV Asset Management

Investment Sub-Adviser

LSV Asset Management (“LSV” or “Sub-Adviser”) was established in 1994 and specializes in value equity management for institutional investors around the world. LSV is a partnership between LSV’s management team and current and retired employee partners, owners of a majority position, and SEI Funds, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of SEI Investments Company and the owner of a minority position. LSV’s principal address is 155 N. Wacker Drive, Suite 4600, Chicago, IL 60606

Hahn Capital Management, LLC

Hahn Capital Management, LLC (“Hahn Capital Management” or “Sub-Adviser”) an investment adviser registered with the SEC, was founded in 1988 by Elaine F. Hahn. In 2004, Hahn Capital Management was converted from a wholly-owned LLC to a Member-Managed LLC. Ms. Hahn retired from the firm in July 2018. Hahn Capital Management is 100% employee-owned and -managed with three managing members. Hahn Capital Management provides non-custodial full discretionary investment advisory services to its clients. Hahn Capital Management provides investment advice on investment types including mid cap value equity, mid cap core equity and equity value strategies. Hahn Capital Management’s principal address is 235 Pine Street, Suite 1250, San Francisco, CA 94104.
Steven Wetter

Steven Wetter

Portfolio Manager

Years of Experience: 35

Years with Voya: 11

Steven Wetter is a portfolio manager on the global quantitative equity team at Voya Investment Management responsible for the index, research enhanced index and smart beta strategies. Prior to joining Voya, Steve was co-head of international indexing at BNY Mellon responsible for managing ETFs, index funds and quantitative portfolios. Prior to that, he held similar positions at Northern Trust and Bankers Trust. Steve earned an MBA in finance from New York University's Stern School of Business and a BA from the University of California at Berkeley.
Kai Yee Wong

Kai Yee Wong

Portfolio Manager

Years of Experience: 31

Years with Voya: 11

Kai Yee Wong is a portfolio manager on the global quantitative equity team at Voya Investment Management responsible for the index, research enhanced index and smart beta strategies. Prior to joining the firm, she worked as a senior equity portfolio manager at Northern Trust responsible for managing various global indices including developed, emerging, real estate. Prior to that, Kai Yee was a portfolio manager with Deutsche Bank. Previously, she held roles with Bankers Trust and Bank of Tokyo. Kai Yee earned a BS from New York University Stern School of Business.
Paul Zemsky

Paul Zemsky, CFA

Chief Investment Officer, Multi-Asset Strategies and Solutions

Years of Experience: 39

Years with Voya: 18

Paul Zemsky is the chief investment officer and founder of the Multi-Asset Strategies and Solutions Team (MASS) at Voya Investment Management. He is responsible for the firm’s suite of value-added, customized and off-the-shelf products and solutions that are supported by the team’s asset allocation, manager research, quantitative research, portfolio implementation and multi-manager capabilities. Paul also oversees two independent platforms that joined the firm as part of Voya’s acquisition of Allianz Global Investors U.S., the Income and Growth platform based in San Diego and the Equity platform based in San Francisco. Prior to joining Voya, he co-founded CaliberOne Private Funds Management, a macro hedge fund. Paul began his career at JPMorgan Investment Management, where he held a number of key positions, including head of investments for over $300 Billion of fixed income assets. Paul is a member of the firm’s Management Committee and a board member of Pomona Capital. He holds a dual degree in finance and electrical engineering from the Management and Technology Program at the University of Pennsylvania and is a CFA® Charterholder.

John D Schaeffer

John D. Schaeffer, Portfolio Manager, is also the President and CIO and a Partner of Hahn Capital Management and has been with Hahn Capital Management since 2003.

Michael Whitfield

Michael Whitfield, CFA, Portfolio Manager, is also the Director of Research and a Partner of Hahn Capital Management and has been with Hahn Capital Management since 2005.

Josef Lakonishok, PhD

Josef Lakonishok, Ph.D., Portfolio Manager, is also the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Investment Officer, and a Founding Partner of LSV and has been with LSV since its inception in 1994.

Puneet Mansharamani, CFA

Puneet Mansharamani, CFA, Portfolio Manager, is also a Partner of LSV and has been with LSV since 2000.

Menno Vermeulen, CFA

Menno Vermeulen, CFA, Portfolio Manager, is also a Partner of LSV and has been with LSV since 1995.

Greg Sleight

Greg Sleight, Portfolio Manager, is also a Partner of LSV and has been with LSV since 2006.

Guy Lakonishok, CFA

Guy Lakonishok, CFA, Portfolio Manager, is also a Partner of LSV and has been with LSV since 2009.


Principal Risks

All investing involves risks of fluctuating prices and the uncertainties of rates of return and yield inherent in investing. You could lose money on an investment in the Fund.   Foreign Investing does pose special risks including currency fluctuation, economic and political risks not found in investments that are solely domestic. Investing in stocks of Mid-Sized Companies may entail greater volatility and less liquidity than larger companies. The Fund may use Derivatives, such as options and futures, which can be illiquid, may disproportionately increase losses and have a potentially large impact on Fund performance. Investment Model: A manager’s proprietary model may not adequately allow for existing or unforeseen market factors or the interplay between such factors.  Volatility management techniques may not always be successful in reducing volatility, may not protect against market declines, and may limit the Portfolio’s participation in market gains. Mistakes in the construction and implementation of the investment models may create errors or limitations that might go undetected.  There is no guarantee that the use of these investment models will result in effective investment decisions.  Other risks of the Fund include but are not limited to: Company; Currency; Focused Investing; Developing and Emerging Markets; Index Strategy; Liquidity; Market; Market Disruption and Geopolitical; Other Investment Companies; Real Estate Companies and Real Estate Investment Trusts ( "REITs " ); Securities Lending; and Value Investing. Investors should consult the Fund's Prospectus and Statement of Additional Information for a more detailed discussion of the Fund's risks.