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Monthly Mutual Fund Holdings

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Voya Corporate Leaders® 100 Fund
Voya Corporate Leaders® Trust Fund Series B
Voya Credit Income Fund
Voya Floating Rate Fund
Voya Global Bond Fund
Voya Global Diversified Payment Fund
Voya Global High Dividend Low Volatility Fund
Voya Global Income & Growth Fund
Voya Global Perspectives® Fund
Voya GNMA Income Fund
Voya Government Money Market Fund
(Form N-MFP)Historical
Voya High Yield Bond Fund
Voya Intermediate Bond Fund
Voya Investment Grade Credit Fund
Voya Large Cap Value Fund
Voya Large-Cap Growth Fund
Voya Mid Cap Research Enhanced Index Fund
Voya MidCap Opportunities Fund
Voya Multi-Manager Emerging Markets Equity Fund
Voya Multi-Manager International Equity Fund
Voya Multi-Manager International Factors Fund
Voya Multi-Manager Mid Cap Value Fund
Voya Securitized Credit Fund
Voya Short Duration High Income Fund
Voya Short Term Bond Fund
Voya Small Cap Growth Fund
Voya Small Company Fund
Voya Strategic Income Opportunities Fund
Voya Target In-Retirement Fund
Voya Target Retirement 2025 Fund
Voya Target Retirement 2030 Fund
Voya Target Retirement 2035 Fund
Voya Target Retirement 2040 Fund
Voya Target Retirement 2045 Fund
Voya Target Retirement 2050 Fund
Voya Target Retirement 2055 Fund
Voya Target Retirement 2060 Fund
Voya Target Retirement 2065 Fund
Voya U.S. High Dividend Low Volatility Fund

Funds Not Available For Purchase

The Funds listed below are not offered publicly.  Shares of the Funds may be purchased only by mutual funds advised or sub-advised by VIL or its affiliates, by separate accounts managed by VIL or its affiliates, or by other institutional clients of VIL or its affiliates in private transactions. The information presented below is solely for the information of existing beneficial owners of the Funds and their advisers.

Product PDF XLS
Voya VACS Series EMCD Fund
Voya VACS Series EME Fund
Voya VACS Series EMHCD Fund
Voya VACS Series HYB Fund
Voya VACS Series MCV Fund
Voya VACS Series SC Fund