Share Classes and Expenses

Class A Shares

Minimum Investment Amount: $1,000 [1]

Maximum Investment Amount: None [2]

Key Features:

  • Lower ongoing fund expense
  • Quantity discounts (breakpoints)
  • Traditional up-front sales charge at time of purchase
  • Load waivers available for certain groups of investors
  • NAV breakpoint at $1 million

Investor Profile

  • Long term investors who are comfortable with traditional front-end loads
  • Large-volume purchasers who want to take advantage of quantity discounts
  • Investors concerned with higher ongoing fees

Class C Shares*

Minimum Investment Amount: $1,000 [1]

Maximum Investment Amount: $1,000,000 [2]

Key Features:

  • No front-end sales charge
  • Full investment begins working immediately
  • One-year contingent deferred sales charge
  • Systematic withdrawal plan available [3]

Investor Profile

  • Clients opposed to front-end sales loads
  • Investors who want to spread the sales charge payment over time
  • Investors in a managed account wrap program
  • Investors who have a shorter or uncertain time horizon

*Class C shares are not available for Voya Russia Fund and Voya Global Natural Resources Fund

Class I Shares (Institutional)

No loads. No 12b-1 Fees. Available through certain eligible intermediaries (defined benefit plans, insurance companies, wrap programs, retirement programs).

Minimum Investment Amount: $250,000

Class Q Shares (Institutional)

No loads. 0.25% 12b-1 Fees. 0.25% trail may be paid on Class Q. Available through qualified retirement plans.

Minimum Investment Amount: $100,000

Class R Shares (Retirement)

No loads. 0.50% 12b-1 Fees. 0.50% trail starting the 13th month. No dealer reallowance. Available through qualified retirement plans.

Voya Corporate Leaders® 100, Voya Floating Rate Fund, Voya Global Bond Fund, Voya Global Perspectives®, Voya Global Real Estate, Voya Global Target Payment, Voya High Yield Bond, Voya Intermediate Bond, Voya Large-Cap Growth, Voya Large Cap Value, Voya MidCap Research Enhanced Index, Voya MidCap Opportunities, Voya Multi-manager Emerging Markets Equity, Voya Real Estate, Voya Short Term Bond, Voya SmallCap Opportunities, Voya Strategic Income Opportunities offer R shares.

Minimum Investment Amount: None

Class W Shares (Institutional)

The"W" share is an institutional share class designed specifically for wrap programs and retirement programs. "W" shares are available for a low minimum investment of $1,000. On some platforms, they are available with no minimum requirements.

Fund Features Across Share Classes Table

Fund Features Class A Class C
Minimum Investment Amount [1] $1,000 $1,000
Maximum Investment Amount [2] None $1,000,000
Systematic Withdrawal Program (SWP) [3] Yes Yes
Pre-Authorized Investment Plan [4] Yes Yes
Free Exchanges within Class [5] Yes Yes
Directed Dividend Reinvestments within Fund Family Yes Yes
Letter of Intent [6] Yes
Rights of Accumulation [6] Yes
Combination Privilege [7] Yes Yes
Reinstatement Privileges [8] Yes
CDSC Waiver for Death Yes
CDSC Waiver for Retirement Plan Required Distributions Yes
CDSC Waiver for reinvestment of dividends & capital gains distributions Yes
Automatic Conversion to Class A


  • [1] $250 for IRA Accounts.
  • [2] Orders for Class C shares in excess $1,000,000 will be declined.
  • [3] Minimum account balance for the Systematic Withdrawal Program (SWP) is $10,000. Class B and Class C SWP's are processed free of CDSC if 12% or less of account value is redeemed on an annual basis provided all distributions and dividends are reinvested. The Voya Principal Protection Funds only offer a SWP during the Index Plus Large Cap period. The Voya Senior Income Fund and the Voya Prime Rate Trust do not offer a SWP.
  • [4] For Pre-Authorized Investment Plans, minimum initial investment is $1,000 with a $100 subsequent investment minimum.
  • [5] When exchanging from a Money Market Class A into Class A of another VOYA Fund (except a Money Market Fund) there will be a front-end load. No exchanges into Voya Corporate Leaders Trust.
  • [6] Voya Money Market and Voya Classic Money Market do not offer Rights of Accumulation or Letter of Intent.
  • [7] Shares held by investors in VOYA Funds that impose a CDSC may be combined with Class A or Class M shares for a reduced sales charge.
  • [8] Allowed within 90 days. For Class B and Class C the CDSC charge will be reinstated. The Class B and Class C shares will retain their original cost and purchase date for the CDSC. This privilege can only be used once per calendar year. This privilege is not available during Voya Principal Protection Funds Offering Phase or Guarantee Period.
  • [9] The Voya Principal Protection Funds has a five year declining contingent deferred sales charge.

An investment in a Money Market Fund is not insured or guaranteed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or any other government agency. Although a Money Market Fund seeks to preserve the value of your investment at $1.00 per share, it is possible to lose money by investing in a Money Market Fund.