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Share Classes and Expenses

Class A Shares

Minimum Investment Amount: $1,000 [1]

Maximum Investment Amount: None [2]

Key Features:

  • Lower ongoing fund expense
  • Quantity discounts (breakpoints)
  • Traditional up-front sales charge at time of purchase
  • Load waivers available for certain groups of investors
  • NAV breakpoint at $1 million

Investor Profile

  • Long term investors who are comfortable with traditional front-end loads
  • Large-volume purchasers who want to take advantage of quantity discounts
  • Investors concerned with higher ongoing fees

Class C Shares*

Minimum Investment Amount: $1,000 [1]

Maximum Investment Amount: $1,000,000 [2]

Key Features:

  • No front-end sales charge
  • Full investment begins working immediately
  • One-year contingent deferred sales charge
  • Systematic withdrawal plan available [3]

Investor Profile

  • Clients opposed to front-end sales loads
  • Investors who want to spread the sales charge payment over time
  • Investors in a managed account wrap program
  • Investors who have a shorter or uncertain time horizon

*Effective November 2, 2021, automatic conversion to Class A shares after 8 years

Class I Shares (Institutional)

No loads. No 12b-1 Fees. Available through certain eligible intermediaries (defined benefit plans, insurance companies, wrap programs, retirement programs).

Minimum Investment Amount: $250,000

Class P Shares

Class P shares may only be purchased by Voya affiliated products, including: (1) other funds in the Voya family of funds; (2) collective investment trusts, common investment trusts, and separate accounts sponsored or managed by Voya affiliated entities; and (3) funds outside the Voya family of funds managed or sub-advised by a Voya affiliate.

Such availability is subject to Voya management's determination of the appropriateness of investment in Class P shares in light of the level at which advisory fees are charged to the investor.

Class R Shares (Retirement)

No loads. 0.50% 12b-1 Fees. 0.50% trail starting the 13th month. No dealer reallowance. Available through qualified retirement plans.

Minimum Investment Amount: None

Class W Shares (Institutional)

The "W" share is an institutional share class designed specifically for wrap programs and retirement programs. "W" shares are available for a low minimum investment of $1,000. On some platforms, they are available with no minimum requirements.

Fund Features Across Share Classes Table

Fund Features Class A Class C
Minimum Investment Amount [1] $1,000 $1,000
Maximum Investment Amount [2] None $1,000,000
Systematic Withdrawal Program (SWP) [3] Yes Yes
Pre-Authorized Investment Plan [4] Yes Yes
Free Exchanges within Class [5] Yes Yes
Directed Dividend Reinvestments within Fund Family Yes Yes
Letter of Intent [6] Yes
Rights of Accumulation [6] Yes
Combination Privilege [7] Yes Yes
Reinstatement Privileges [8] Yes
CDSC Waiver for Death Yes
CDSC Waiver for Retirement Plan Required Distributions Yes
CDSC Waiver for reinvestment of dividends & capital gains distributions Yes
Automatic Conversion to Class A


  • [1] $250 for IRA Accounts.
  • [2] Orders for Class C shares in excess $1,000,000 will be declined.
  • [3] Systematic Withdrawal Plan. Your account must have a current value of at least $10,000. Minimum withdrawal amount = $100. CDSC is waived for SWP up to max of 12% per year.
  • [4] For Pre-Authorized Investment Plans, minimum initial investment is $1,000 with a $100 subsequent investment minimum.
  • [5] When exchanging from a Money Market Class A into Class A of another VOYA Fund (except a Money Market Fund) there will be a front-end load. No exchanges into Voya Corporate Leaders Trust.
  • [6] Rights of accumulation does not apply to Voya Government Money Market Fund
  • [7] Shares held by investors in the Voya mutual funds which impose a CDSC may be combined with Class A shares for a reduced sales charge.
  • [8] Allowed within 90 days. Can only be used once in a calendar year. Apply to A & C CDSC.