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High Yield Bond Sales Reach Record Levels As Investors Seek Higher Returns

December 1, 2021

The Wall Street Journal reports that investors seeking higher yields have pushed fixed-income sales to record highs, especially for riskier debt offering higher payouts. The uptick in inflation has pushed price increases above average junk bond yields, an inversion of the way investors traditionally think of the bond market. Voya Investment Management Chief Investment Officer Matt Toms believes that investors are looking more at each individual issuer rather than categories, saying, “It is now about which companies can manage supply and pricing pressures and less so whether they can survive through the pandemic.”

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Voya’s Hurtsellers: Pandemic Made Establishing Relationships “Harder and Harder,” Accelerated Digitization

November 17, 2021

Ignites spoke with Voya Investment Management CEO Christine Hurtsellers on the impact of the pandemic on Voya’s distribution and sales teams. Hurtsellers said that, as the pandemic has carried on, it has made establishing relationships with clients “harder and harder.” At the same time, Hurtsellers said the new challenges “massively accelerated our digitization.”

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Voya Names Costa Co-CIO For Equities, Creates New Research Leadership Positions

November 12, 2021

Voya Investment Management has named Vincent Costa Co-Chief Investment Officer for Equities effective Jan. 1, according to a statement. Costa “will work closely with Michael Pytosh, who has been CIO of equities since 2017 and head of equities since 2010, the release noted.” Voya spokesman Kristopher Kagel “confirmed by email that Mr. Costa will also retain his current positions as head of the quantitative equity team and portfolio manager in Voya’s large-cap value strategy group.” Voya “also named James Dorment and Kristy Finnegan as co-heads of fundamental research in the equities platform, both newly created positions. Both Mr. Dorment and Ms. Finnegan will keep their portfolio management responsibilities on the value and growth strategies teams, respectively, the release added.”  

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Voya’s Conway Highlights Need For Data Analytics Blueprint To Drive Faster Growth

October 6, 2021

FundFire reports a recent Cerulli Associates survey found that distribution teams “are increasingly turning to data analytics to drive faster growth but are running into challenges in pulling the right data together and convincing wholesalers to actually use the tools they put in place.” The survey showed 95% of distribution executives cited “insufficient technology infrastructure” as “very challenging” or “somewhat challenging” to efforts in data analytics. Moreover, 70% of distribution executives “considered sourcing data to be either very or somewhat challenging.” Voya Investment Management Head of Distribution Enablement and Intelligence Jane Conway said many asset management firms make large investments in core platforms “and spend a lot of money on data without a blueprint or a way to integrate that data into an infrastructure that supports the distribution ecosystem.”

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Voya’s Hurtsellers Named Among Most Powerful Women In ESG

October 6, 2021

American Banker reported that, for its Most Powerful Women program, it has “chosen some specific types of roles that have taken on outsize importance in recent times and, within each category, highlighted a few extraordinary female leaders who stand out.” In the Most Powerful Women in ESG category, Voya Investment Management CEO Christine Hurtsellers is listed among the women who “are on the forefront and effecting change at their companies and beyond in their distinct roles.” American Banker says ESG principles “are quickly becoming part of the mainstream and being applied by businesses across every aspect of their operations.”

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Voya’s Hurtsellers Highlights Importance Of Investing In Data For Asset Management

October 5, 2021

FundFire reports, “After being forced to adapt to the rapid changes brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, asset managers are embracing a new normal as they adopt hybrid strategies to integrate traditional and digital distribution models.” Industry leaders “reflected on the changing distribution landscape during a panel at the Financial Times’ Future of Asset Management North America conference on Thursday.” Voya Investment Management CEO Christine Hurtsellers said, “What used to take a wholesaler three hours to prepare for ... now takes our wholesalers five minutes.” Hurtsellers added that she “can’t underscore enough how important continuing to invest in data is for the industry.”

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Voya Financial Releases 2020-2021 Impact Report

September 8, 2021

In a press release distributed by Business Wire, Voya Financial announced “that it has published its 2020-2021 Impact Report, which provides an overview of Voya’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) activities and performance from Jan. 1, 2020, through June 30, 2021.” Voya Financial Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Rodney O. Martin, Jr., said, “Our Impact Report reflects our commitment to making a positive difference in the world around us as it continues to evolve. This includes how our employees rose to the extraordinary challenges of the past 18 months – continually improving how we work together and serve our clients and communities.”

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Voya’s Sinha Comments On Expectations Of Fed’s Jackson Hole Meeting

August 27, 2021

US News & World Report reported this year’s gathering in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, billed as the Federal Reserve Board’s research symposium, “comes as the Federal Reserve is facing crucial decisions about whether and when to pull back on its highly accommodative monetary policy, which has kept interest rates low and helped stabilize the economy and the markets for 17 months.” Most observers expect any interest rate cuts “to begin next year with interest rate hikes not before the end of 2022 or perhaps not even until 2023,” but that “calculation has run into a wall of uncertainty amid the rise in coronavirus infections from the delta variant, which has led many governments, schools and businesses to impose new restrictions such as mask mandates and vaccine requirements.” The Fed “is very conscious of the reality that the markets are pretty much geared to low rates forever,” says Amit Sinha, head of multi asset design at Voya Investment Management. “Anything that allows the Fed to continue their easy stance for longer, they would rather be late to tightening than early.”

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Voya’s Sinha: Technology Improvements Have Democratized Alternative Investments

August 19, 2021

In an opinion piece for TheStreet, Voya Investment Management Head of Multi-Asset Design Amit Sinha says alternative investments in a portfolio have become more important than ever, and the market for those products “is only getting bigger.” Long accessible only for “large institutional investors, endowments, and the wealthy,” investments such as hedge funds, private credit, and private equity “have now been democratized to where the average investor can access these products and join what had once been an elite club.” This development is partially the result of “dramatic improvements in investment technology, bringing greater transparency, knowledge and access to various investment products with the potential for additional alpha generation.”

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